we’ve all heard it


Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover

This was engraved into our little minds the first time we called a stranger weird or pointed at someone that looked different. Children don’t understand. They observe something or someone different and blatantly state their opinion about this unusual sighting.
And somehow this becomes increasingly difficult as we grow older.
The depth of  a human being is so deep. The exterior and interior of an individual are not necessarily a representation of one another. Yet, as a society we do tend to stereotype based off of visual representations and not always in a negative light.

Well there is a woman who works at my school. Ask almost any student and the vast majority will describe her as happy, upbeat and outrageously positive.

How is she always so happy? She must have such a great life? Does she ever stop smiling? No really.. does she ever have a bad day?

Well I attended a seminar that she was speaking at the other day. She shared with us her personal story and her journey has many scary detours. Detours she couldn’t just turn and make a u-turn on to avoid.

No, she does not have a perfect life. No it isn’t always sunshine. Yes, she in fact has many bad days. But, she said something very important. If you can’t be happy for yourself, choose to do so for those around you. And you can bet your lucky dollar that she puts a smile on someones face every single day.


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