Add a little good

IMG_2796Why do bad things happen?
We all say it.

Why isn’t there only up?
Why isn’t there only light?
Why isn’t there only love?

We don’t really ask those questions. For there would not be one without the other. You see dark is only due to the absence of light. And I believe hatred exists due to a lack of love. And well the bad, follows the same pattern. There is a lack of good. Therefore, when bad arises due to the deficiency of good, we must place good there.

We can add a little good to anything. Even the worst of situations. Currently a family member of mine is going to lose her new born due to an incurable illness. And to answer your question, no. There isn’t much else worse than that. Yet in this situation, GOOD can still be placed there. Family and friends can provide support and love to reinforce the intrinsic nature of humanity.

Think about it. When someone passes away in our lives. We concentrate that situation with an abundance of good. We send gifts, condolenscense. We offer favors. We make home made goods and provide a shoulder to lean on.
This is not to say the situation can be reversed, but good can always be added. 

So maybe we need bad things to happen. So we strengthen our practice of giving good.
So let’s not ask why there is bad, let us just add a little good.

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