Is it Real or a Fable?

A restless night. One of those nights where your body refuses to sleep. An underlying issue I am sure to one day identify. However, I would trade a nights sleep any day to watch the sun wake. There is something about being there as the sun rises. The transformation of the sky from its slumber. The noises of the early bird’s tires on the street against the silence of the neighborhood on their way to work. Isn’t it crazy? Millions of people, different in almost every way possible, yet we follow the same pattern of natures night and day.

I walked outside and the most beautiful waning crescent moon was lingering in a sky full of pink and purple hues. She didn’t want to say so long to the sun, insisting on being present for the awakening of the day. Everything about it was light. Think of the vastness of the world. How many people will fall in love today? How many babies will be born? How many people will quit their job, stand up to their abusive partner, acknowledge their drinking addiction, decide to throw out the tubs of Pillsbury frosting they hide in the back corner of the cabinet so nobody knows about their binge eating disorder?

The amount of beautiful and life altering decisions that are about to be made are endless. And maybe its not so big. Maybe its just hanging in there. But its something. Its something to grow upon.

So right now I’m about to give a presentation in class. And I’m a little nervous. But if the moon can say so long to the sun, every day without failure. And someone stood up to their abusive partner. And someone is admitting they have a drinking problem. Then I can not only give a little presentation. But I can do anything at all.



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