just wait

I met with the internship coordinator at my school. One of those people that is always smiling, saying hello to everyone despite if he knows you or not. It was the first time we met. He seemed a little distracted. Different than the super friendly man I see on campus all the time. We got to talking and I can see him becoming so intrigued in the conversation with me. I often can connect with people through eyes. He kept telling me how humble I was, how I should be boasting with pride at my achievements and experiences.

His impression of me based on this piece of paper was different than who he was learning I was. A resume. A resume that is supposed to represent who we are and what we can do right? But that resume doesn’t say a lot of things.

It doesnt say that I would give the shirt off of my back to anyone.
It doesnt say that I want to sometimes sit down with someone and just learn the ins and outs of their mind.
It doesnt say that I could look at the sky forever or read my favorite book over and over and get something different out of it each and every time.

And as our conversation progressed, I guess he could tell I was different.
He literally said I could speak to you forever….
(Not in a weird way)

And he said something very special. The main premise of me writing this post. He said to me I can tell your different. Your special. Your humble. He told me to be strong. Which I was confused by a little. Could he see my withering strength? He said that sometimes you feel like all you do is give and you don’t receive, but keep giving because you will. and one day it’ll be time for just you.

I had tears in my eyes. I couldn’t hold them back. Sometimes I feel like people cant see me. But he did. He saw me.

He saw me. And not with his eyes.



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