Reminders we are on the right path. Sometimes you see the reasoning behind the order of occurrences in your life and not only is it impeccable, but it makes you wonder about the whole theory of a predetermined path.

I left work in a rush, I got out slightly earlier. I closed the office and quickly walked to my car. The beginning of winters air was harsh on my skin. As the outer layers still need to adapt to its sharpness. On my way out I passed two kids running and playing outside, wrapped in their cute winter accessories.

A substantial distance from the building- I noticed I accidentally took the keys from my office. With a grunt, I turned around and walked back to the building.

In the glass doors.
Swipe my employee card.
Hang keys.
Out the glass doors.

As I was walking down the stairs, one of the kids still playing outside had fell. She hurt her knee and started crying.

When I realized I lost my keys I told myself “Brianna don’t complain- there is obviously a reason you need to go back. trust the timing”

Well with the little girls mother not around- I was there to stop her tears.
Had I not had to turn around, I wouldn’t have been able to help her!

Trust the timing and order of lifes occurrences for you!!!


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