my grandmother willow

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetMy version of Pocahontas’ grandmother Willow. Love to look at her colors against the bluest of sky. I could lay there for hours, transfixed. Extremely strange that others could not.

Came home to listen to my tree. I smelt the salty air in my backyard. I never  realized that before. Crazy how you can always realize something new, even about a place, that you stepped every inch on and experienced every feeling. I listened to the leaves.

My favorite sound. In the whole wide world. Crashing ocean waves or a trickling stream usually get the credit, but ill take the sound of the wind through the leaves and branches any day. On a hike with a friend, I said wow I love that sound. She responded what sound.. She had no idea what I was talking about. I go that sound… The sound of the wind through the trees. She said how she never noticed that before, and I make her see things.

Personally, I think that sums up the entirety of our existence. Our purpose it to help others see things and feel things they wouldn’t be able to individually.

Honestly I am shocked that people could not notice that sound. Look at how some of us see things or hear things, notice things and pick up on things that others do not.

That sound to me is home. More of a home than my physical home. So safe and comforting. Autumn. A little girl, so warm inside while it is so crisp outside. With the sound of the wind and rustling leaves outside her window. My sound. My tree.


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